Enterprise Risk Management Services

In today's business environment an organization faces risk in many forms. Business risks can range from demographic or economic pressures to innovation or mere over reliance on processes and technology. Effective risk management forms the thin line between a financial success and a business failure.

At Baker Tilly we guide & support our clients through the process of considering the company's risk appetite in evaluating strategic alternatives, setting related objectives, and developing mechanisms to manage the related risks.

Our risk framework captures the wide range of services we offer to public and private organizations operating in sectors subject to special regulation such as:

    • Process Assessment: Helping our clients assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes and procedures.

    • Value Management: Guiding our clients through the process of improving the performance of theirs business by stopping revenue leakage, verifying costs and highlighting value adding activities.

    • Financial Services Risk Management: Advising the management on financial regulations and helping them with complying with these regulations.

    • Technology and Information Services: Helping our clients with automation of their processes and operations.

    • Internal Audit: Providing the board and executive management assurance that risks are mitigated and that the organization's corporate governance is strong and effective.

    • Governance Advisory: Encompasses a wide range of services from HR management to systems integration planning.