Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services

In this increasingly competitive corporate world of today, where consolidation and globalization have been on the forefront for evolution of business structures, and mergers & acquisitions define the business scene; organizations need to make the right financial decisions for their future growth.

Baker Tilly's core partners & specialized teams have substantial experience in international consulting and possess a flair for local issues and requirements, thereby making us a perfect fit for providing innovative solutions to the specialized consulting needs of our clients.

Apart from the corporate finance services detailed below we also provide Manufacturing Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services. Please visit our dedicated Consulting website at

Due Diligence :

Before stepping into an acquisition or making a decisive deal with another company, due diligence is extremely useful. In business transactions, the due diligence process varies for different types of companies. Baker Tilly’s well-trained team of specialist’s offers financial, commercial, accounting, IT and tax due diligence services. Using our skills and templates we report to you on :

  • An analysis of historical performance, assets and liabilities and cash flows
  • Financial systems and controls along with an in-depth analysis of forecasts
  • An analysis of tax policy, adherence to tax laws, or the general taxation position of the business
  • Risks and issues that can influence the success of the deal.
Valuations :

Our Valuations team helps clients gain an in-depth understanding of the value of each business for the purposes of transaction, regulatory compliance or litigation. We value businesses, intangible assets, financial instruments and employee stock options; perform purchase price allocations, cost of capital and impairment assessments.

Financial Modeling :

Baker Tilly has a dedicated team focused on providing specialist financial modeling services to our clients. We build financial models applying best practices that provide our clients with easy-to-use, flexible and robust tools to support and enhance their business decisions, transactions and strategies.

Our team also provides independent financial model review services to identify structural weaknesses, integrity flaws or poor modeling practices that may result in significant model errors

Flotation on a public market is one of the options to help grow your business, either to :

  • Raise funds
  • Increase your company's profile
  • Provide an exit strategy for the business owners

There are several phases to flotation, all of which need expert advice and assistance. Baker Tilly advises companies who are seeking to list on either the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ in Dubai specifically, however we can assist you in flotation & listing elsewhere in the country and exchange of your choice.

Baker Tilly can help you in :

  • Selecting the right capital market, timing & method of share offering
  • Establishing the most appropriate management structure and the right team of advisers, including stockbrokers, lawyers, reporting accountants and public relations agents
  • Drafting the prospectus keeping in mind the regulatory aspects of an IPO
  • Managing the entire flotation process

As organizations look to grow by entering new markets or protecting their existing interests, mergers and acquisitions become important strategic tools.

Baker Tilly can help you with :

  • Assessment of critical success factors so that informed decisions can be made
  • Valuation of assets to assist with price negotiations
  • Raising capital on the best available terms
  • Tax planning to optimize management incentives and corporate structures
  • Financial structuring by creating the optimal level of debt finance to support the acquisition/merger
  • Overall project management including origination, deals structuring, negotiation, exit planning, execution and leading the completion process.